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Tonnellerie SIRUGUE
10 rue François Appert - ZAC des Renardières

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SIRUGUE cooperage is located at Nuits-Saint-Georges, midway between DIJON (the Dukes city) & BEAUNE (Beaune's civil Hospices), depths of the most prestigious Burgundian’s vineyards, like le Clos de Vougeot (less than 10 km from the cooperage), Vosne Romanée, Chambolle Musigny, Morey Saint Denis, Gevrey Chambertin, Beaune, Pommard, Meursault, Nolay, ect....

The Côte d'Or is rich of its wine-growing reputation, but also by its geographical situation, the richness and the extent of its territory, the importance of its cities ; the Côte d’Or department is the one characterizing the more the antiques Burgundy historic physiognomy ; going back up before the Roman conquest and the Burgondes invasion which ones left their name to the province where they got settled.
The religion left magnificent buildings, as the Abbaye de Citeaux, the Chateau du Clos de Vougeot, ect...

In July 1971 the lunar mission Apollo XV deposited on the moon a label of the vintage "Hearth Moon”, in homage to Jules Verne and Felix Tisserand (Astronomer born at Nuits Saint Georges). A lunar crater bears the name of the "Crater Saint Georges ".
So the Nuits Saint Georges nam is known all over the world.
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