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SIRUGUE cooperage, Nuits St Georges, Burgundy, France, aerial workshop view of produciton and merrains stocks
In 1998 Yves decided to retire and his children, Cécile and Alain have since that time jointly coordinated Tonnellerie SIRUGUE. They uphold their ancestral traditions with a great passion. This passion and respect has driven both Cécile and Alain to achieve in a contemporary sense the quality and love of barrel making that has been handed down over the generations.
Cécile SIRUGUE chairwoman, SIRUGUE cooperage, Burgundy
Alain Sirugue manging director, person in charge of barrels production and pruchase wood and staves, Burgundy
Cécile and her assistant manage all domestic and international business affairs.
Alain manages barrel production with a team of 7 specially trained workers.
Alain personnaly selects and purchases the total annual requirements (oak "merrains")  from several family mills with whom partnerships were established long ago in order to guarantee an exceptional quality year after year.
Stock of French oak for production of barriques in the SIRUGUE cooperage, natural air dryin, Burgundy
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