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Advices :
For an optimal usage of your barrels received recently at your winery, we recommend the following steps :


Barrels must be stored :

 - away from light and draught, and direct sun

- with level humidity superior to 65%  (ideal 75-80%)

- the temperature of this local must not exceed 22 °C

- keep the barrels in their original packing (plastic and cardboard) 

until ready for use

- stack barrels off the floor.  


Our barrels are delivered ready for use, however it is recommended to check their tightness before usage.

If the above storage conditions indicated would not have been respected and if one dryness is noticed, it is recommended to re-humidify the barrel.

For this, fill the barrel with about 20 liters of hot water (at 60°C maxi), and replace the bung. Move it well to get wet the interior full surface. Keep the water insisde to re-humidify the oak fibers (timing according to the dryness). Then, if necessary fill the barrel with cold water.

Drain and empty well.

It is absolutely not recommended to use steam.

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