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The SIRUGUE cooperage has for many years had worlwide representation through exclusive agents who promote our oak barrels.

North and South of America - Canada :
Françoise GOUGES exclusive agent in America for SIRUGUE cooperage, USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, ect
Françoise GOUGES has lived in California for many years.
The granddaughter of wine-growers, she grew up in Nuits-Saint-Georges at 

Domaine Henri GOUGES - Rue du Moulin - 21700 NUITS SAINT GEORGES -
To contact Françoise :

Cell : (310) - 403 -8398
E-fax : (310) - 988-2835
Office tel : (310) - 452 -8147
Office fax : (310) - 452-7847

Mail :
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